RedOx srl guarantees its products against manufacturing and quality defects.

According to D.Lgs n. 24 of 2 February 2004, all products are covered by a 24-month legal warranty of which 6 or 12 months (depending on the product) on-site commercial warranty. [1]

The legal guarantee (for conformity defects, faults or lack of quality) concerns a problem that the good has presented since its origin as being different from what was intended or in any case unable to perform as declared.
This guarantee is reserved for consumer customers, i.e. natural persons purchasing goods for purposes not related to their professional activity or making a purchase without issuing an invoice.

The commercial (or performance) guarantee protects the consumer against faults occurring during operation within the specified period.

The guarantee is not valid in the following cases

- when the battery is discharged due to non-use, current draw of the electrical system, oxidised or poorly connected terminals;

- if the malfunction is due to improper use, non-recommended or incorrect applications, neglect in use, tampering, incorrect installation or maintenance, negligence, or from circumstances that, in any case, cannot refer to defects in the functioning of the product itself.

In particular, the guarantee does not cover failures resulting from:

The formation of lead sulphate crystals on the lead plates does not allow proper charging of the battery, which impairs its performance and anticipates its end of life. This is a natural process but is accelerated if the battery is left discharged for a long time.

Wear is the process of plate deterioration caused by the natural cycle of the battery when in service, resulting in a gradual loss of capacity and performance.

Deep cycling
Deep cycling damage is caused by continuous deep discharge (more than 60% DOD) which irreparably deteriorates the active matter.

Overcharging damage is caused by defects in the vehicle charging system that result in overheating of the battery, evaporation of the electrolyte, accelerated rupture of the plate material and loss of battery performance.

Physical damage
Physical damage is caused when a battery is incorrectly stored, maintained, handled or installed in a vehicle.

Misapplication damage is caused by installing a battery that is not suitable for the specific use or if it is connected (in series or parallel) with batteries from different batches.

RedOx srl accepts no liability for any damage that may directly or indirectly result to persons or property.

Replacement under warranty
Any battery found to be defective within the warranty period must be returned to RedOX srl (at the owner's expense and risk) who will replace it under warranty only if manufacturing defects are established and if the battery is returned untampered with.

If a replacement battery is supplied, it will only be warranted for the remainder of the warranty period relating to the original purchase.

[1] Guarantee conditions for AGM and cyclic batteries
Batteries for cyclic use have a number of charge/discharge cycles depending on the type of battery. With continuous use, batteries are highly stressed and can be exhausted even within a year of life. The commercial warranty in this case covers a period of 6 months, which will expire in the event of overcharging or discharging.