Batteries sold as replacements are guaranteed against premature failure due to manufacturing or material defects only.

The battery guarantee does not cover failure resulting from:

Sulphation impairs battery performance and lifespan as a result of a battery being allowed to remain in a discharged state (<12.40V) either on/off a vehicle for a period of time.

Wear and tear
Wear and tear is the process of plate deterioration caused by the natural cycling of the battery when in service resulting in a gradual loss of capacity and performance.

Deep cycling
Deep cycling damage is caused when a battery is rapidly charged from a deeply discharge state (>35%) resulting in greatly increased losses of plate active material and accelerated loss of battery performance.

Overcharging damage is caused by vehicle charging system faults resulting in battery overheating, electrolyte evaporation, accelerated break up of plate material and loss of battery performance.

Physical damage
Physical damage is caused when a battery is stored, handled or incorrectly installed on a vehicle.

Incorrect application
Incorrect application damage is caused by the installation of a battery to a vehicle that is not specified or recommended in the application list.