• Multifunzione
  • Elettronici

    Our line of electronic chargers includes various types of car battery chargers and motorcycle battery chargers as well as agm and gel chargers.
    These instruments can operate at 6V-12V-24V-48V depending on the model and are able to charge a wide range of amperages. Furthermore, they have the ability to protect the battery from short-circuits due to polarity inversion or overloads.

    On the market, these devices are known as "smart chargers" or charge maintainers, because they allow you to leave the battery connected to be charged to the system itself.

  • Tradizionali 50-60 Hz

    Long-time proven technology, robust product resistant to intensive use and/or environmental factors (such as dust and humidity); an easy "on site" repairing and spare parts replacement make this charging solution the best choice thanks to the excellent quality / price ratio.

  • Alta Frequenza

    Modern, compact and efficient charging technology for any kind of batteries; small size, on board mounting and full parameterizing enable HF chargers to meet all customer needs. A higher performance, efficiency and a reduction of power consumption during charge ensure the battery a longer duration.

  • Per Litio

    A specific line of electronic chargers capable of recharging lithium-ion (Li-Ion) and lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. The lithium chargers are built with a strong yet lightweight aluminum case and have a fan for automatic cooling. Thanks to the protection fuse installed inside them, the chargers for lithium batteries guarantee safety and reliability in the event of polarity inversion and prevent any short circuits.

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