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Lead-Acid Battery

There are basically two different types of Lead-Acid battery:
- FLOODED ACID BATTERIES: where the electrolyte can flow freely between the plates and escape if the battery is turned upside down;

- SEALED BATTERIES: the electrolyte, in this case, is "blocked" through two techniques:
GEL: The electrolyte is transformed into a gelatinous substance with the addition of hardeners
AGM: (Absorbed Acid) The electrolyte is absorbed by a fibre separator.

A further distinction between batteries is made for the application: Starting and Traction.

- Starter Batteries (also called SLI = Starting Lighting Ignition) are used to obtain the first combustion in the engine. These batteries are made up of thin plates that allow you to discharge a lot of energy quickly but do not tolerate being deeply discharged as they would damage quickly.

- Traction batteries (Deep cycle battery) instead have thicker plates and separators with glass wool that make them resistant to deep discharges. However, these batteries do not provide fast discharges such as starter batteries, although they can also be used to start combustion.

Traction batteries can be of three types:

1) Light traction with flat plate;
2) Light traction with positive tubular plate;
3) Industrial Traction: 2 Volt elements with the tubular armoured positive plate.