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Cookies are small text strings that the sites visited by the user send to his terminal, where they are stored before being retransmitted to the same sites on the next visit by the same user.

The user's prior consent is not required for the installation and use of these cookies as these are necessary cookies, which are essential for the correct functioning of the applications.

This website allows you to select/deselect individual cookies, in the manner described below, but we warn you that, in the event of deactivation, complete usability of the same may not be guaranteed.

To disable, remove or block cookies, you can use the browser settings, according to the following instructions:

- Open Firefox
- Press the "Alt" button on your keyboard
- In the toolbar located at the top of the browser, select "Tools" and then "Options"
- Then select the "Privacy" tab
- Go to "History settings" and then to "Use custom settings"
- Deselect "Accept cookies from sites" and save preferences

Internet Explorer:
- Open Internet Explorer
- Click on the "Tools" button and then on "Internet Options"
- Select the "Privacy" tab and move the slider to the level of privacy you wish to set (upwards to block all cookies or downwards to allow them all)
- Then click on "Ok"

Google Chrome:
- Click on the "Tools" icon
- Select "Settings" and then "Advanced settings"
- Select "Content settings" under "Privacy"
- In the "Cookies" tab you can deselect cookies and save your preferences

- Open Safari
- Choose "Preferences" in the toolbar, then select the "Security" panel in the following dialogue
- In the "Accept cookies" section it is possible to specify if and when Safari should save cookies from websites.