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LITHIUM battery (Li-Ion)

LITHIUM ION batteries (Li-Ion) are now the most used technology in the world of electric bicycles because, thanks to their weight-power ratio, they can travel long distances on a single charge, reducing the weight of classic batteries by 60% lead.

They have a very low self-discharge and do not have the so-called "memory effect" for frequent recharges.

The internal control unit (BMS) manages the voltage of each individual cell both during discharging and charging, so as not to damage the entire battery pack.

LITHIUM Iron Phosphate Battery (LIFEPo4)

LIFEPo4 batteries are an excellent alternative that replaces the classic AGM lead batteries, with high performance and reduced weights of up to 60%.

This technology is capable of withstanding 2000 charge / discharge cycles and can be recharged very quickly.

In addition to the internal BMS, safety is guaranteed by the temperature sensor that protects the entire system.

Lithium batteries can be installed in all electric vehicles currently in circulation (bicycles, scooters, quadricycles) and in other types of applications such as golf club trolleys.

High number of cycles

Weight reduced by 60%

Greater autonomy

Short charging times


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